There’s Life After Graduation

Another year of college has wrapped up for many students, and another year of graduates joins the workforce full time. I’ve read lots of great advice for these new graduates already this year and I’m thankful that so many people are embracing and encouraging them rather than ignoring them and discrediting their ability to make a great contribution to the world. So if you’re a new graduate or you feel like you’re graduating the place you’ve reached in life, my advice for you is simple: don’t forget to enjoy life.

First and most obvious what comes to mind for people is partying and being with friends when you hear that advice, and that’s definitely part of it. It’s important to give yourself a break from the stress and responsibility of work and life and just have fun and hang out. These relationships that you develop and nurture every time you hang out are important for creating a support system you can depend on when life presents you with changes and challenges, which it will.

The second thing to remember is that you don’t know when your life will end, so enjoying life is about making the most of your life too. Whether you get a disease or get killed in a freak car accident death could come at any time. That’s not a reason to live irresponsibly and only party, but to make sure that you’re in a job and hanging out with people you care about and would put your life on the line for more often than not.

Finally, yes, enjoy achieving success. Maybe success for you is being a stay-at-home-dad, maybe it’s running an internet company, maybe it’s running a restaurant, and maybe that’s just what makes you happy right now. The economy has changed so that most of us will not stay with the same career for our entire lives, unlike just a few decades ago. Now, most of us will change jobs several times. Take advantage of that and move when you’re miserable and the passion disappears after being with a company for a few years, or if you like your company approach them with ways that will make you enjoy your job again (and I’m not just talking money).

Life is too short to be spent being miserable, choose to be happy.

“If you are not doing what you love, you are wasting your time.” Billy Joel

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