Remembering Our Freedom

Today in the USA is Memorial Day. I shared some thoughts about it on Friday, today I want to talk about what it is really about. Memorial Day is really about freedom and the opportunity we each have to stand up for ourselves and our futures. That’s what the men and women around the world fighting for our country are dying for: freedom.

Freedom is such a gift and privilege that I’m taking an entire year to talk about it. In the USA we’re blessed with a huge number of freedoms, and other countries and people around the world are joining in on that battle: the freedom of religion, of sexuality, of health, of food, and of life. They’ve realized that people want more than to be ruled and live by rules, but to have their needs met and then some, to be who they are without judgment and to be able to make choices about their future without fear of death or restrictions and limitations.

Our personal freedom however, should not come at the cost of another’s freedom though. Yes, we will have to compromise or negotiate and give and take to get to freedom typically, but that should not mean that one loses all of their freedoms and ability to choose so that another can have what they want.

Don’t let your personal status, location, age, health or family limit you any longer. Choose to be free, choose to do your part to make the world a place where more people can be free and make sure to thank the veterans and families of soldiers who have died for freedom.

“Where you live in the world should not determine whether you live in the world.”  Bono

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