The Why of Success

What does your future hold? I’ve been debating this topic for a few months now as I know there are changes on my horizon in the next year or so. One thing I talk about often with business clients is their ‘why;’ the reason that they’re in business. Sometimes people start businesses or choose jobs simply because they have the skills. Other people choose based on love, passion and skills. Personally I believe that only those that are done with love and passion can be truly fulfilling in the ways that we need from a career. If it’s not something we have a personal investment in, passion behind or reason for getting involved it can become very tedious to do day in and out.

If you want to be the best, if you want potential customers to choose you over other businesses, if you want to get the recognition from customers you interact with at work, or if you want to make your mark on the world with a career I believe you need a ‘why’, and that why has to be shared prominently on your website, at your desk, or in your profile.

Why? Because having a ‘why’, loving and being passionate about your career/business, shows people that you’re human like them and honestly might care about their experience as a customer. Which means that you’re providing more than just a disposable product or passing service, you offer something that might just be for people like them. Last week we talked about social media and business being personal. As much as this is a continuation of that conversation, it’s really so much more. It’s about seeing the bigger picture of yourself, your [fellow] employees, your customers, and the world we all live in.

It’s great to offer a quality product or service to the world or be part of a business and team that does, but when the day is over money won’t technically keep you warm, only the satisfaction of knowing that you helped someone or made their day will, and that can only happen when you remember that we’re all humans going about our lives, not robots who don’t care or have feelings and needs.

“Vision gets the dreams started. Dreaming employs your God-given imagination to reinforce the vision. Both are part of something I believe is absolutely necessary to building the life of a champion, a winner, a person of high character who is consistently at the top of whatever game he or she is in.” Emmitt Smith

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