Letting Go For Tomorrow

This month our topic of freedom is letting go. The topic of letting go will bring up a lot of the issues, feelings and challenges that the topic of change brings up for you, so be prepared. Why? Because any time you’re talking about letting something go, something will most likely change as a result. Maybe it will be something as seemingly insignificant as more space in your closet, but it could be something as big as finally embracing the life you could have by letting go of the crutches you’ve been living and leaning on.

Letting go can be scary because we worry that we won’t have enough when we let go or that we’ll let go of the wrong thing or that we’ll realize we made a mistake after releasing it. Sometimes we will let go of the wrong thing at the wrong time, that’s part of life. But if all we do is hold onto stuff we’ll eventually be too full to take more on and we’ll end up limiting ourselves and our freedom in that way.

You’ve probably seen the shows about hoarding before, these are people who don’t let go of anything, they’ve got rooms jam packed with, in many cases, garbage. They don’t understand that they’re running out of room for themselves or causing serious damage to their relationships and health in many cases by their habits. By refusing to let go of physical items they’re limiting themselves in many areas of life. But until they realize and accept that there is only so much room and that a full room does not a happy or complete life make, they won’t be able to fix it.

Learning to let go of things and people can be painful, but the pain and fear will be limited if you truly believe that we live in an abundant universe, that there is never truly a shortage of money, never truly a lack of stuff, and never truly a lack of good people to be friends with. Choosing to let go of the past gives you the opportunity to explore and embrace what the future holds. The past has happened and it has changed you, but the future is waiting for you to start living.

“Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.”  Lyndon B. Johnson


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