A Day for Dad

Sunday in the USA is Father’s Day.  On the life and spirituality blog today I shared some thoughts about what to do if you’re struggling as parent or with your parents, so here I thought it would be appropriate to talk about what you can do to make sure Dad’s day is great!

-let him be a guy.  If he wants to plan a guy night the night before, let him do it.  If he wants to relax that morning instead of mowing the lawn, let him!  And let him wear his favorite t-shirt when the family comes over too.

-plan games outside with the kids.  What guy doesn’t like being outside running around and getting dirty with his kids?  And it’s great for the kids too.

-don’t nitpick or complain.  This is probably the biggest gift you can give him.

-give him great gifts.  You can get him his favorite beer or coffee, and you should also have the kids give him something personal like a picture frame with a picture of all of you in it.

-have the kids do his chores for that day while he sleeps in or watches sports.

-let him know you appreciate him.  It’s easy to find things to complain and fight about, we’re all super busy and not perfect.  So make sure that you let dad know why you value having him in your life and what you like best about him.

What gifts are you giving the men in your life?  I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas!


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