Marketing Mistakes: Websites

Last week I shared some thoughts on customers, today I thought I’d share some thoughts about one of the first places people typically connect with your business: your website.  Personally I love websites.  I love their ability to give a snapshot of the company and/or be the company’s heart and soul and sell products or services directly.  But I’ve seen tons of really bad websites, and you probably have too.  So here are 5 things that you should check about your site to make sure you’re creating a good first impression.

Hidden information: if you’re not a name brand known around the world and your site doesn’t immediately tell visitors in written words, not a video, who you are and what you sell you’re risking them leaving.  In 90% of cases people won’t take the time to figure out what you offer if it’s not obvious, so you need to tell them.

Bad information: at least half of the sites I visit have out-of-date information. If you can’t do your own website edits shell out the extra money to make sure you’ve got a good company who can and will make very timely updates for you.

Can’t contact you: you need contact forms all over your site, links to your social sites where they can ask questions and/or a clear and informative ‘contact us’ page with multiple ways to contact you.  If you don’t make it easy to contact you with questions about what you offer, again, they typically won’t search and work to figure it out.

Presentation is poor: if your site looks like it was designed 20 years ago, is jam packed with an overwhelming amount of disorderly content, and doesn’t represent your company, your brand and you as the leader you increase the chances of losing people when they connect with you in real-time after visiting your site or go from a real-time connection to your website because things are so much different.

Technical fails: this includes those bad links, icons and images that aren’t linked, ‘oops’ pages, your site isn’t mobile friendly, or the site takes forever to load.  These are little things that make a really big difference in whether or not people will stay on your site.  They’re also mostly little things that are simple to check and fix which leaves little room for excuses.

So what about your website?  Does it create a good first impression for your company, or is it the last impression someone will have of your company?

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