Health in Balance

This month our topic is health. We’ll be talking about lots of important health topics on this blog and on the Spiritual and Life blog as well as on social media and in the weekly newsletters. As I was thinking about how to introduce this topic it got me thinking about why we’re talking about it and what I hope to accomplish this month. The word that came up when I thought about the “why” was imbalance. We’re leading lives that are driven by things and people often to the exclusion of (important) others. Sometimes this is OK, but only for very short periods of time like heading up to playing in the Superbowl or the year-end accounting wrap-up; things that happen no more than once a year and deserve 120% of your attention for a short period of time. But for the most part our lives aren’t made of mountain-top moments that that necessitate that kind of attention.

Let’s address what many would see as the elephant in the room: balance is a myth. Yes, many people laugh when you bring up the concept of balance because it just isn’t something that most people can do. But the definition of balance isn’t necessarily the traditional weight scales of balance but learning how to moderate and accommodate as is best for you and those in your life. Balance isn’t about being perfectly perfect in all areas, but about learning what’s best for you and following through on it. It’s about knowing that you eat healthy at home and being OK to get that ice cream on your date night. It’s about knowing that you exercised 5 days that week already and hear your body asking for an extra hour of sleep instead so you skip a day. It’s about knowing your kids are under a lot of pressure with school choosing not to schedule lots of extra-curricular activities. Balance is a give and take process that isn’t something you do once and are done, but something you’re working on throughout your life, just like health.

So this month I’ll be giving you some to-do’s to help your life be healthier so you can live longer, but I’ll also be giving you some things to think about and analyze your life and your needs and where you’re at with your health. Because there’s no point to adding more to your life if you don’t know where you are and what’s wrong. What are your thoughts on health and what would you like to hear about this month?

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