Are You Wasting Your Mind?

Your mind is one of the most powerful, complicated, confusing, frustrating, gifted aspects of you.  Even if your physical body isn’t as capable as it used to be your mind can be super sharp and able to make connections and make a difference in the world.  One of the most damaging conditions are Alzheimers and dementia because it slowly ravages you from the inside out in ways that cancer usually never touches.  Having been through the different stages of Alzheimers before and going through it again with a second grandmother it amazes me how her mind has turned her from a fun, capable human into a record becoming more broken with each story I hear.  It’s something I hope you never experience because they have no sense of what’s going on anymore and while even a kid can tell you what hurts or how they’re feeling when dealing with most diseases or conditions, there’s no way to get people with Alzheimers or dementia to communicate to you what’s going on, they don’t have the brain power anymore.  I’m thankful for all of the work that doctors and researchers are doing to help us understand these diseases, it’s some measure of peace that there are some answers or at least some test results that give some insights into something we have so much trouble understanding.

But in this month on health I don’t share this to dwell on all that can go wrong with our health but to remind you to celebrate and use it while you have it.  Life is such a gift; one that most of us accept as standard and just the way things are.  But when I see things from people like Stephen Hawkings or Sean Stephenson I’m reminded how powerful we are and what’s possible if we choose to make it happen.

Whether you’re in business for yourself, you have a job you love or hate, you’re a stay-at-home parent, you have kids or not, I hope you have big dreams and you’re determined to see some of them come to fruition.  I have to admit, I’ve gotten distracted from some of the dreams I have.  Life can get complicated and sometimes take things over and pull you away from your dreams for a time.  If that’s you too, know it’s OK. But it’s time that you take a step back and remember those dreams.

Dreams are powerful and not for the faint of heart. But dreams help bring a spark to our lives that would be missing otherwise.  I encourage you to unleash the power of your mind on your life and dreams this week.  Don’t be afraid to make some tough decisions about the direction your life is heading in to better align with your goals and dreams.

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