The Reason for Health

Health is something we often consider a topic of very serious nature. It’s not a topic we really associate with laughs and play, but a big part of health is exactly that: having fun. As this month is heading to a very rapid close, I want to make sure we take time to talk about how health is more than just being sick or well, it’s about the reason we want to be well, so that we can enjoy every moment that life brings us. Yes, life includes hard work, it’s not all sunshine and roses, we have to work hard to stay well, to make the money to live and make tough decisions on things that are positive for our lives and those that are not. But what’s really the point of all the hard work if there’s no reward?

You may have heard about the restaurants that believe that food is about more than just the calories to nourish our bodies, so they’ve turned food into an art form that looks as good as it tastes and have transformed food and eating into a very pleasurable experience. No, there isn’t a reason that it has to be done this way, but when you see beyond the simple nature of food from sustenance to something that can define and inspire a culture, it becomes more than just a chore and another thing on the daily to-do list, it’s an opportunity to celebrate and enjoy life.

I believe that life has enough stressors and ups and downs in it, and we don’t need to add any more serious things to the list. Instead, I choose to see health as an opportunity to enjoy more of life. There’s a country song on the radio now by Frankie Ballard with the lyrics “I wanna sit out on the porch, Telling stories ’bout my glory days when I’m pushing eighty.  How am I ever gonna get to be old and wise, If I ain’t ever young and crazy?” which really is the truth for many aspects of life, including health. It’s not always easy doing the right thing when it comes to health, but the rewards are almost always greater than the costs or work.

So what fun are you going to have this weekend?

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