What Has Your Business Taught You?

This month we’ll be talking about learning! I spend time every day reading a host of newsletters to make sure that I’m up on what’s going on in the business world and I learn more to be better equipped to help my clients.  What I’ve learned over my years in running my own business is that it’s all one big learning opportunity, one that I’m grateful for each and every day. So to start the month off I thought I would share a few lessons about learning in business.

1-When you stop learning you risk your success.  I can’t think of any industries that don’t benefit from learning.  Whether it’s learning preservation techniques, reporting methods, new products to offer your customers, new techniques on problem solving or the latest technology, there’s always something changing, often things that you can lose or gain sales over.

2-there’s always a cost.  Whether you choose to spend the money to make things happen at a faster rate or you choose to invest the time, there’s always a cost.  I started where many other business owners start, with the cost of time rather than money because I didn’t have any.  Today there are even more free opportunities for being successful in business, just know that it will take longer and be more work than if you could invest some money in it.

3-you can always improve.  I will be sharing more about this topic on Friday, but very few of the companies I come in contact with are in existence to be essentially one hit wonders.  Everyone wants to have at least some lasting success.  If you want lasting success, you have to be open to improving, growing, learning and expanding.  If you don’t think you have room for improvement, ask a few of your customers what they would like to see from you and check out some of the reviews posted online.

4-business teaches you to make tough choices.  It’s not easy to let go of an employee or a paying customer, or stop offering a product or service, but sometimes it’s necessary for the future and health of you and your business.  Sometimes you’ll have to make snap judgments and live with the results, other times you’ll have plenty of time to research the facts of the situation and make an educated decision. It’s still up to you to make that decision though.

Your business’s success depends on your ability to learn, grow and change.  What have you learned lately from your business?

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