The Pressure of Perfection

Ah perfection! Yes, there is something very awesome about being completely satisfied with a job you’ve done, the home you’re in, the relationship you’re enjoying, or your life as it is, but the reality is that perfection isn’t the norm for most people.  In reality, working towards perfection is really a waste of time for many people because they’ll never get there.  Often perfection turns into an assembly line of monotony that, while it achieves nice results, it’s really sucking a little more of our soul out every day.  Because with perfection often creativity and innovation falls to the wayside because you’re afraid of failing or not having it exactly right, and it not being perfect.  But where’s the fun in that?  Without creativity and innovation we’d all be little robots going through our days doing things a certain way because it achieves perfection.

This is one reason I love kids so much!  They’re able to see life beyond the rigid constructs we’ve given it, beyond the need for perfection, and able to just see things as fun opportunities to learn, create, imagine and be.  Perfection isn’t a word in their language, they aren’t concerned about failing or not measuring up, it’s us adults that put that kind of pressure on them with our overly high adult expectations.

So this weekend, let your kids be kids!  And even better, get down there and create with them.  Don’t worry about not being an adult or not doing adult things, relax and let your brain rebuild the creative connections it used to have.  You’ll learn more about yourself in one afternoon of free play than you would trying to perfect what you’ve been working on all week, and you’ll have fun too!

“If everything was perfect, you would never learn and you would never grow.” Beyonce Knowles


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