Learning and Overcoming Fears

Welcome to a new month! Are you excited about what this month holds, or are you dreading what always seems to be the beginning of the downhill roller coaster rush to December 31? Last month we talked about lessons, this month we’re talking about a very relevant topic, one that you’ll probably discuss a couple of times with your kids: fears. Fears are these incredibly powerful thoughts that can really hurt us, hold us back and blow reality out of proportion. Sometimes fears are a good thing because they can keep us from doing really stupid things. But most of the time fears hold us back from living our lives and having big dreams. We’ll be talking about a lot of different aspects of fear this month, but I wanted to start off sharing a quote from Marianne Williamson:

“Love is what we were born with. Fear is what we learned here.”

Families are supposed to be there for each other through good and bad, we’ve seen how that sometimes fails, after all we’re all human. We all have room for improvement, especially when it comes to each other, and as we learned last month we’ve got lessons happening all the time in our lives that we could be learning from. This month’s topic will challenge us, no one really likes to think about their fears, let alone try to conquer them. Some fears we outgrow, like being worried about getting cooties from our desk mate, but other stay with us throughout our lives.

But this quote brings up an interesting point. If fears are something we’ve learned, does that mean we can un-learn them or learn something other than them? After all, I can’t un-learn that people used to think that the world was flat, but we can learn that that’s not the truth and the real truth is that the world is round. Having learned all about lessons last month, this month as we talk about fears don’t forget that even fears can teach us a lesson. One of the biggest lessons fears teach is the lesson of caution. But fears aren’t the end of the story, and nor are they the beginning of the story according to Marianne Williamson.

When you or your kids are facing a fear this week take time to put a little love into the situation. Fears don’t have to stay fears, they can be overcome or reduced with love and support in most situations. What fears need a little love in your life?

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