Overcoming Success Fears

Today I want to share a few final thoughts on addressing fears in our businesses. The past two weeks we’ve really talked about the fears that stop our business success, so today I want to talk about overcoming those fears and maybe even stopping them before they even start.

First, ask questions.   Instead of just forging ahead with things always make sure to ask ‘what if’ questions and consider what could go wrong to address your fears before they become an issue.  You should ask questions like “do we have the right talent for this?” “what are our specific goals with this?” “who will be accountable for what and to whom for each aspect?”  This way you’ll be less likely to be surprised by things that happen, can deal with fears that might arise to stop you from completing the project and be more assured of success.

Second, have solid values.  When fears show up they can distract you and keep you from focusing on what’s really important.  But if you have solid, well-established values for the company you’ll be able to ground yourself in them and work through the fears and come up with resolutions that are in line with your company and don’t do any more damage then the fears may already have done.

Third, pay attention to your focus.  When you’re focusing on your fears it’s very hard to see anything else, let alone be a good leader or properly support your clients.  Fears are really good at sucking us in and trapping us in them.  It’s your job as leader to stop focusing on the fears themselves and instead focus on resolving not only the situation but what caused the fear in the first place.

Fourth, take action anyway.  Don’t let the fears stop you from being successful.  Sometimes the best thing to do is to keep working in spite of them.  That doesn’t mean to disregard them or consider them unimportant, just that they should have only the power to warn you of something not right, not to stop you from pursuing your passions and goals.

Don’t let your fears conquer you or let them stop you from sharing your talents and abilities with the world.  I’m confident in your ability as a leader to step up for yourself, your team and your clients and be successful despite the fears you will face.  What fears have you conquered, or are still trying to conquer in your business?

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