Common Sense Success

Today I want to start off the month simply with a list of some common sense business practices that we should all consider for our businesses and satisfying our clients and customers.


1 reply back to emails and messages sent
2 make it easy to get in touch with you
3 communicate clearly, consistently and completely
4 have consistent branding throughout your business
5 communicate frequently, but not annoyingly often, so you stay front of mind
6 provide easy to use or/and detailed instructions
7 have a feedback form for employees and customers
8 be social and friendly even when you’re not on social media

Products and Services:

1 make it clear what you offer
2 market all the time, not just when you need customers
3 take advantage of seasons, holidays and special events for products/services and marketing
4 choose quality over quantity if you have to pick one
5 know your suppliers
6 consider what trends can work for you and what’s more than just a trend or cultural changes
7 refresh your offerings so they don’t look dated and aren’t stale
8 be aware of what your competitors offer that you don’t

Customer Service:

1 ask what your customers need/want
2 have consistent policies so you don’t always have to think about options or how to respond
3 be polite
4 train your employees thoroughly initially, and offer additional training as well
5 support your customers before, during and after the purchase
6 use newsletters, blogs and social media to educate your customers and support their purchases
7 work on building a relationship that will lead to more sales, not just the current sale
8 learn from returns, critics and bad reviews


1 don’t put all your eggs in one basket
2 test, test, test!
3 practice makes perfect
4 be a leader and not a dictator
5 keep learning
6 have respect for all people involved
7 stay humble
8 believe in yourself and your offerings
9 know the laws
10 be open to change

What common sense advice do you have for businesses?


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