A Business Hero

Today in the USA it’s Veteran’s Day. It’s the day for us to recognize the men and women who have given their lives and service to America. So today I thought we’d talk about what it means to be a hero in your business.

We’ve said before that while a business has to make money or else it’s not a business, there has to be a bigger purpose with it. It’s not your job to take money from people, but rather to provide people with the products and/or services that make their live better, easier, healthier, happier, fuller and even just more livable. Your goal should be to thrill as many people as possible with what you offer. But as it turns out, thrilled people tell their friends how great your offerings are, which gets you even more customers.

When we think about heroes we return to the people who have meant something to us or are larger than life. It’s unfortunate how many people (bosses and others in leadership positions) are definitely not people we’d be proud to call our heroes. They’ve done a bad job being upstanding humans let alone good bosses and we’ve come to be ambivalent towards them, if not hate them. If we hate them there’s no way they can be our heroes (unless we’re into that kind of anti-hero or villain if you will).

Being a hero doesn’t mean you have to be perfect, it does mean you have to be willing to admit when you’re wrong and always do your very best even when others aren’t. You have to set the standard for behavior, inspire your people to join the company culture and be the leader in getting things done and supporting customers.

This Veteran’s Day I encourage you to step up as a leader. Take advantage of the bad press you get and make improvement in those areas. If you’re brave enough you can even ask your employees and customers what they would like you to do differently or how you could improve, or even go on one of those business makeover shows and get feedback from an outside source. Most importantly choose to make a positive difference in the lives of your employees and customers every day. I want people to look at my business and see me as a hero, not as the thing that’s dragging the business down, even ruining it, what about you?

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