Strategies for Success: Organizing

Today I want to talk about a success topic that is very important but many people don’t like to think about or actually do: getting organized. Being organized means you save a ton of time trying to find something or get something from an employee or partner, and means you don’t have to sort through a bunch of stuff before you find what you’re looking for. The two principles we’ll go over today can be applied to lots of different types of organizing but I’ll include some examples that will be specific to things that often need organizing.

How do I know when to get rid of stuff?
This is one of the biggest questions most people have and because they can’t come up with a good answer they don’t get rid of anything. Paperwork, especially tax and legal related should always be checked with a legal professional before you get rid of anything. Some things you’ll want to keep forever, like house/property sale paperwork, other things can be gotten rid of within a year’s time or even sooner, especially if you have a digital copy. Clothing and other home goods items should be kept if you like them and if you use them. Don’t hold onto them if you don’t foresee yourself wearing/using them in the future or haven’t worn/used them in several years’ time and don’t see that changing in the near future, or if it would be cheaper to just buy new ones when you finally decide you want them. Oh yeah-as far as food goes, if it looks moldy or tastes stale get rid of it.

How do I know what to get rid of?
Duplicates are one good way of making that decision. There are a few things you need duplicates of but for the most part duplicates aren’t necessary, whether we’re talking papers, clothes or other items. Many people have duplicates of papers because they can’t find the first 6 copies, hence the need to get organized in the first place. Unless it’s a clothing item you wear a lot there’s no need to have duplicates of it, variety is good for you! The other thing to consider is something we talked about with the first point: how long has it been since you used/wore it? If it’s been years there’s no reason to hold onto it, it’s just taking up valuable space.

No, I’m not encouraging everyone to get into the “tiny house” movement (I couldn’t do it), but I know that when I’m organized, the clutter is gone and everything has it’s place, the world feels a little lighter, a little brighter and I feel a little freer to accomplish things and set goals because there are less things distracting me or calling for my attention.

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