Tragedy and Triumph

The last week has brought much of the world to tears compounding on the tragedies that seem to have come one after another in the past few months and years. Today’s post is a business post so we won’t be talking about the situations per se, but rather about a few things that caught my attention over the last week in the business world that encouraged me that maybe there is hope for our world yet.

Last Wednesday brought two updates to my email inbox from Seth Godin and Mark Silver.  While I encourage you to go ahead and read their two short posts Seth Godin’s is all about people he has worked with or connected with who are making a difference in the world through their work, and Mark Silver’s is about the value of having a “Dropped Ball Policy” and understanding that sometimes things just don’t work out the way you hoped or thought they would.

So why would I shared these two posts with you?  Let’s start with Mark Silver’s post.  Mark’s post (and policy) acknowledges that no one is perfect and things don’t always get done and it’s OK.  But the other important aspect of the policy is that it assumes that what happened wasn’t because someone was lazy or didn’t care, but other factors were involved.  He believes that deep down we all care about what happens in our lives and what happens as a result of our actions (and want things to go well).

Seth Godin’s post is all about honoring those who do good work.  We all try to make our mark on the world and sometimes it happens that someone sees what we’ve done or what we’re trying to do and recognizes our efforts.  We’re not under obligation to celebrate what other people have done or are doing, but I believe that when we support each other, encourage each other and highlight the good work being done in the world we can all benefit.  Seth was under no requirement to share about those people and it doesn’t look like he gets any benefit (financial or otherwise) from sharing about them. He just wanted to celebrate what good people were doing.

So what about you?  How will you choose to go forward with your business?  Will you choose to isolate yourself to try to protect yourself from what could harm you or will you choose to go forward boldly knowing that mistakes will happen and some efforts will fail and try to create a legacy that lasts anyway?

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