Supporting Small Businesses

Today is an important day for the business world, known as Black Friday. Tomorrow is an important day for small business owners, the day recently established called Small Business Saturday. It’s a day that reminds people that there are amazing treasures to be found in their local area. Yes, it’s an opportunity to make some extra money as a small business but it’s more than that.

Small Business Saturday is an opportunity for you to show the community exactly what you offer. Offering Small Business Saturday deals is a great way to get people to try you out and lower the risk of choosing you. One of the biggest challenges isn’t telling people you exist, after all tons of people probably drive past your location every day. The biggest challenge is in proving that you are worth whatever extra effort or cost is involved in choosing you over big box stores or cheap online services. Even if your services or products are just as good as theirs it may not be enough. Having a strong and attractive brand, helpful and upbeat employees, a clean store, product/service support or helpline, and creating an experience that is uniquely your business are all things you can do to help potential customers make the transition smoothly and be convinced and even excited about doing business with you.

But Small Business Saturday is about more than just being a small business on this one day. Small Business Saturday is about being part of a community. If you really want to be recognized as a valuable and appreciated part of your community you have to be part of that community. Donate to local fundraising events, honor local heroes, give back through time and/or money when natural disasters happen, and above all be part of the efforts to make your community a better place that more people want to be part of. If you aren’t a visible and present part of your community the other 364 days of the year what makes you think people want to support you on this one day?

This Saturday take time to have fun with your community and make good on your commitment to being a small business in your local community.

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