Sales Success Smarts

We’ve officially entered the holiday sales season. I hope that it is going well for your business and/or you have plans to really ramp it up in these last few weeks of the year and take advantage of all the spending people are more willing to do. During the holiday season many businesses are fortunate to experience increased sales, but not all potential sales turn into actual sales. But as you know this is an issue whether it’s the holiday season or not.

This week a business owner hired me to advise them and when I went to review their website while I could tell what industry they were in I couldn’t really tell what they did: the site never said who they really were or what types of clients they worked with. So I emailed them back and asked them for more information. To my surprise their response started “Yes, I figured you would have questions for me…” Why was I surprised? Because not only did they anticipate that I would be unable to completely grasp their business, knew there were issues and they hadn’t done anything about it! Unfortunately this is the case for many businesses, and one of the reasons that people don’t buy from them. So what can you do to improve the sales process and increase conversions?

1-make sure it’s clear exactly what you sell, who you are, and what the options are. This is basic (and detailed) information about your company and products/services that people have to know if they are to buy from you. After all, if they don’t know what you sell, they won’t buy.

2-share about your difference. This is where things get personal. Share how you got into the business, what your passion is, what you do differently than others out there, and how you put your personal stamp on the industry you’re in. This will be a section of your website and other marketing that shows a lot of emotion and connects with your potential clients on a very human level.

3-anticipate questions. Everyone has questions of one kind or another. The most frequently asked questions should be addressed on your website, whether in the regular text or on a FAQ page. You should also have a contact form and other means of contact easily accessible.

4-fix the issues you know you have.  If you’re aware that you have a peeling store front, dated website (either in looks or information), products on the shelves that are expired or have nasty employees and don’t do anything about it you’re responsible for the lost sales.

If it seems like these are really simple and really stupid and there’s no way that you could be screwing this up because your business is perfect, that’s probably not the case. You can look at just about every business and find at least one issue that points to a lack of perfection and opportunity for improvement.

That said, this isn’t about pointing out how terrible my client’s website was or about how you may be failing as a business. The reality is that there are millions of people out there who need help, help that you might offer but they don’t know that you do because you’re not telling them that you exist or exactly what you offer. So not only are you missing out on sales, more importantly there are people who need help and are willing to pay to get what they need.

What will you do to resolve the blocks that are hindering sales in your business this week?


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