Together for Christmas

I hope you’re as excited about the upcoming holidays as I am!  As we consider Christmas in a few weeks, this celebration of life, love, family, and so much more, you’ll be hearing a lot about the stories of Christmas, the messages of Christmas, why you should give, and why it’s a special time of year.  There are many good answers to those topics, but one of my favorites is said well by Taylor Caldwell:

“This is the message of Christmas:  We are never alone.” 

Yes, it’s simple, but it’s the truth.  No matter what story you’re looking at, it all comes down to the fact that we’re all here together.  There was Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Shepherds, Wisemen and more.  There was Santa or St. Nick delivering gifts to many.  There’s Charlie Brown putting on a play with his friends and decorating the tree.  There’s a Christmas Carol where Scrooge learns that merry and kindness are the right things to do.  Those are just a few of the stories that are watched, told and remembered at this time, and all have to do with the fact that no one is alone and no one can live their life without impacting someone else.

This weekend and in the weeks upcoming as you go about your life it will be easy to remember that you’re not alone: there will be all the mall traffic, emails from stores, holiday cards coming in the mail and family and friends calling up to say hi and meeting to share gifts.  Know that in these moments it’s not an exercise in frustration or annoying holiday sweaters, but an opportunity to be reminded that you’re here to help others and they’re here to help you.  You don’t have to go through anything alone in life, nor can you abdicate the responsibilities you have towards your fellow man.  Let’s celebrate together.

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