Solutions to Making More Sales

Did you know that it can take 10 or more interactions with you to convince someone to purchase from you? 10 social media posts, 10 blog posts 10 emails, 10 store visits, 10 commercials, you get the idea and it can sound overwhelming, I know. But with as many choices as we have available to us in the world today it’s not surprising that it can take a while to convince someone to trust you and what you offer. Last week I shared about some of the ways you may be blocking the sales in your business and this week I want to share some more thoughts about making smart decisions when it comes to sales.

The first thing to remember is that everyone is looking for a solution to their problems but they may not be interested in pulling out their credit cards yet. Depending on the dollar amount there are varying degrees of research that goes into making a purchase, and most people tuck away notes about different companies to contact if they ever need help with a specific situation, so it may be months from the time that someone makes note of your business or first interacts with you and actually contacts you for the service or purchases your product.

Second know that everyone buys differently. What convinces me to buy may have no affect on you. What I buy the second it comes out may take you several months or even years of ads, news reports and reviews by independent sources to convince you to buy. While I may be swayed by celebrity pitches you may only like the cold hard facts.

Third, don’t anticipate a sale on the first interaction. If you’re not expecting the sale if it happens you can celebrate that special gift. But if you anticipate that there will have to be repeated interactions in the future, it’s a lot easier to do things like retargeting, email newsletters, social marketing campaigns on a regular basis and anticipate sales in the future.

Fourth and finally, do your best to keep the customers you do have and continue to be of service to them. Upselling, email newsletters, coupons and discounts, social media posts and ads, blogs and other types of marketing keep you front of mind to your customers. The challenge is to find a balance between being too in-their-face (like the number of sales emails you get for Black Friday) and hearing from you once every 6 months (at which point they don’t remember who you are).

Each and every person is a potential customer. You have the option to push for the sale or build a relationship that will repay you for years to come. What will you do this holiday season to begin long-lasting relationships with your customers?

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