Business Traditions

I was perusing the grocery store ads this week and saw an ad for the 7 fishes dinner celebration that many Italian families do on Christmas Eve and was reminded how much of the holidays are about traditions. Traditions are those go-to standbys that everyone has; every family, every business, every holiday. Traditions are a great way to remind us of the past, remember people who are no longer with us and keep things status-quo. But if there are too many things that are “sacred,” there’s no room for change and growth; no way to try new Christmas cookies, tree trimming practices, or room for new people in the celebration.

The same holds true for your business: you have to find a way to keep the traditions, values and practices that are the important and essential foundation of your business while still making room for change and growth. It’s one thing to want to consistently show up for your customers in ways they’ve come to expect you will, it’s another to deny that the world is changing around you and you don’t have to move along with any of those changes.

I believe you can give your website, your social media, your products/services all a face-lift and upgrade them with/to newer technology and looks without ruining what your customers love about you. You can also add or change what you offer to some extent without losing the essence of you.  I don’t believe that you should let your fear of losing all that’s good about your business hold you back from moving forward. There’s typically some loss when changes happen, but often changes can bring out good that you never knew you had, or opportunities you could never embrace before.

With Christmas just a few days away and the new year a little over a week away, seriously consider whether your traditions and practices are holding you back from enjoying all that the world and the holiday has to offer or if it’s time to embrace some new traditions and practices.

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