Hope for 2016

Can you believe we’ve reached the last week of 2015? Can you believe that another year is almost over?  Are you excited about that?  Worried about the new year?  How are you feeling in this last week?  I hope that as challenging as 2015 may have been for you there have been some really good moments as well that when you look back over the year in your thinking about the new year and maybe new years resolutions you’ll be able to be proud of at least a few things and not just look back and see regrets.

As we finish off this year I wanted to share about a topic that I always come back to because I believe it’s so important for us: hope.  Let’s take a look briefly at 3 things that you can put into your new year to make 2016 a better year than 2015.

Preparation:  This is a step that so many people skip or miss.  They’re so focused on taking action and rushing forward that they don’t take the time to ask questions or make plans.  There’s a lot that you can avoid if you’re even just a little bit prepared.

Work Hard: making plans and being prepared can’t be effective unless action is taken on those plans and preparations.  If you’re willing to put a little extra effort into 2016 the results you will see a year from now will amaze you.

Believe in a little luck: I know this doesn’t sound like it is really something you can do and to a big extent it’s not.  Luck happens often randomly and without reason, that’s part of why it’s called luck.  But if you’re open to having good things magically and randomly appear in your life it leaves the door open for blessings the universe wants to send your way.

I’m grateful for 2015 but looking forward to 2016, what about you?

“Be prepared, work hard, and hope for a little luck. Recognize that the harder you work and the better prepared you are, the more luck you might have.”  Ed Bradley


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