Building Your Business in 2016

We’ve reached the last post of the 2015 year and to finish off I wanted to share a blog post from the great leader Darren Hardy along with a few thoughts as we step into 2016.  Darren shared this post last week and I encourage you to take time to read it, there are lots of great insights and encouragement in it.  So what are my recommendations as we head into 2016?

First, have heroes/mentors.  Always look for those you can look up to and learn from.  You’re not in this journey alone.  You aren’t building your business alone.  There are tons of people you can look to for advice, as well as coaches (like me) and other resources you can work with personally.

Second, pursue your potential.  Decide now that in 2016 you’ll stop pursuing the fluff and focus on that which will help you accomplish your goals, have more victories and build a better business that helps more people and makes a big impact in the world.

Third, be curious.  I’m always amazed at all that is in the world that I never knew about. I learn something new each day, and often it’s because I’ve chosen to be open and pursue education and lessons.  I refuse to limit myself to what I know and what I’m doing, I choose to be open to learning from the world, trying new things and growing.

Fourth, believe in yourself and others too.  As mentioned in the first point you’re not alone. But we’ve had our trust crushed in so many ways over so many years that it’s a little hard sometimes to believe that others really have our best interests at heart.  True, they won’t always, but if you go into things cautiously but hopeful for the best and challenging others to live up to their true potential more often than not the outcome will be a good one.

So as we head into 2016 and end 2015 know that if it wasn’t your best year yet you’ve got a new one just around the corner waiting for you to dig in.


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