The Support of Family

Most people start off the year with high hopes for what they can do with the gift of a new year, you’re probably no different, I know I have hopes and dreams for this year.  So what can we do to make this year different than other ones?  This year as we talk about the topic of being thankful one of the big things that often comes to mind are the people in our lives.  If we really want to accomplish our dreams and goals for this year I believe that one of the keys will be our willingness to ask for and be open to getting support.

Our lives aren’t easy, we face challenges on a daily basis that we struggle with or feel frustrated by.  One of the best ways to not only feel better about the challenges but to resolve them is to talk them over and work through them with someone else, or even several other people.  Having a team of people, whether coworkers, friends or family, in your life that you know will support you through all challenges is an essential tool to making your life all it can be, and happy too.

There is no replacement for being willing to work hard and pull your own weight in life.  But there is no rule book that says it has to be just you and you have to do it all alone.  If you really want the to have the best, happiest, healthiest and strongest year you’ve ever had and for your family too, the only way to get that is to work together to make it happen.  When we each do our chores, or at the very least bring something to the table like an encouraging spirit, it’s then that we’re able to not dread coming home at night or worry about the future of our family.

Will this be the year you’ll ask for the help you need and be open to being the help and hope that those in your life need? Or will it be a repeat of previous years when your only focus is being #1?

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