Having Faith

This week I’ve been thinking about the topic of faith. It’s a topic that impacts all areas of your life, whether you’re religious or not. Do you have faith in your romantic partner? Do you have faith in your country? Do you have faith in your neighbors? Do you have faith in your abilities? Do you have faith in something Greater? Do you have faith in your kids? Do you have faith in the businesses you patronize and products/services you purchase? To some extent we have to have faith in many of these, or we would be hermits in the hills with no contact with the greater world.

So what can I say about faith to help with the lack of faith that so many of us struggle with for various reasons? First, know that some struggle is normal. There will be times in your life when your whole world gets turned upside-down and your beliefs and values come into question. This is an opportunity for you to confirm and strengthen your beliefs and values or a chance for you to grow and discover new (or new to you) truths about your world and/or yourself.

Second, I believe that faith is a good thing. I believe it’s one of those things that empowers us, blesses us, strengthens us, gives us something to hold onto and makes our lives much richer. I believe it is part of the magic in our families and what has helped keep the family unit together since the beginning of time.

Faith is a choice. We don’t have to believe in ourselves, our world and each other. We can exist in cynicism, doubt and distrust. However, I’ve met enough of these people to know that it’s not a way of life I want. I’d much rather live with the belief that we all have a part to play in making this world a better, more fulfilling, happier, healthier, more awesome place.

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