Ready to Grow

I’ve been thinking about what it means to grow your business this past week a lot.  Every week I get messages from people who want to start businesses or have businesses and want to grow them, it’s what we all want, right?  So today I thought I’d share some steps to how you can grow your business.

Let’s start with what I don’t recommend you do.  While you may find success using scams, buying fans/followers/likes, overpricing your services or products by a large percentage, using software to shortcut things, or other methods, most of these will get you in more trouble than they’re worth.  I don’t believe that it’s worth it to go viral, get 10 seconds of fame, or scam your way to success, especially in the long run.

So if you’re looking for success and growth where do you start? First, know that everyone starts somewhere, usually somewhere small.  Don’t be discouraged that you’re only so big or making so many sales, everyone started there.

Second, choose to thrive in change.  The sooner you embrace and accept change as part of your life and business, the sooner you’ll be able to start growing.  Make sure that the changes you’re working on aren’t just busywork though, make sure you’re actually accomplishing things with your changes.

Third, make sure that your leadership and employees are fully supporting the vision you have for the growth of the business. If you’re not all on board and fully supporting the changes that will have to happen to grow, you won’t be able to overcome the hurdle.

Fourth, make a plan for growth.  Know who you’re going to contact, know what steps you’ll be taking on social media, know what areas of your business you’re going to grow, know who you need to add to your team to make that happen.

Fifth always look for ways to add value.  If you want to grow and grow fast, look for ways to increase the value you offer to customers, employees, and the community at large.  The more value you add to the world, the more sales you’ll be able to make and quicker you’ll grow.

What’s on your growth list for this year?

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