Fight for Your Business

This month for our business insights we’ll be looking to Black History month and the African Americans who have become legends in US history and have played an integral part in shaping our country today. I want to begin with the very essence of the Civil Rights movement of the 60’s and what the African Americans have always done since beginning to seek freedom centuries ago: fight for what you want.

As a business owner you’re faced with lots of choices each day, some choices you make and others you pass on to others to make, but each and every choice has to be paired with a decision (the lack of making one is also a decision). One of the most challenging ones usually have to do with opposition you face or being asked for something outside the norm or something extra. When facing opposition in the form of bad reviews, sometimes it’s best to try to resolve it, other times they’re spouting off about something that has nothing to do with you and you are better off ignoring it. When asked for something you don’t typically offer or something extra sometimes it’s best to be firm and stick to what you do so that there is no confusion or frustration on either end down the road. Other times opposition and requests outside of your usual offerings are opportunities for you to rise to the occasion.

But being in business, being a leader, is an incredible opportunity for you to make decisions about what you do and don’t want (and the audience you do and don’t serve). There are a lot of things that will overwhelm you and lots of balls to juggle but ultimately the business you’re creating and operating should be an opportunity to set things up the way you want them. There’s no rule that says you have to do things the way others do them, it’s *your* business. Stop letting others run your business and start stepping up and running it the way you want to run it. Start making decisions today that build the business in the way that you know is best, not ignoring the feedback and insights and ideas from others but always returning to the opportunity and obligation you have as the business owner to fight for what you want.


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