Thankful for Second Chances

Last night the US watched the last football game of the 2015-2016 season. A new top team has been given the trophy and signature rings. Do you know what else you could have watched yesterday? That’s right, the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet. I’m an animal lover and a big dog lover so whenever I hear about things like the Puppy Bowl I watch them or at the very least check them out online. As I was reviewing the puppy lineup last week before the big game I was struck not by how many cute dogs there were (which is what you would expect) but by the number of puppies that looked like scrappy, albeit victorious, little fighters.

I know that the Puppy Bowl is a great opportunity to adopt out some dogs (and the cats that run the half time show) from shelters around the US but usually at least half the team gives you the warm fuzzies. Don’t get me wrong, I’d be very happy to take any of those dogs home, but I wouldn’t be bringing these dogs home due to their overwhelming cuteness, which is what many people pick out their pets based on. Instead I’d bring one (or more) of these dogs home because of another factor: they remind me that we can overcome.

Each time I would look at one of these scrappy dogs I would be reminded of their start to life and how they were able to overcome whatever obstacles they faced. It wouldn’t be a bad reminder or one that would make me unhappy each time I saw the dog. No, it would be a grateful reminder. If something so little can survive and learn to thrive and love I can overcome whatever I face too.

What positive reminders do you have in your life?

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