Thankful for Presidents

Today in the USA was President’s Day. It’s the day we take each year to recognize the men who have been elected to lead the country.  Part of the blessing of being in the US is that we get to have a say in who is elected.  That same blessing can bring up a lot of controversy though, especially from those who aren’t thrilled that someone is elected or don’t feel that that person is living up to expectations or promises.  However, as a business owner I see it a little differently.  While I’m not always thrilled with the choices the presidents have made in the past or all the people who were elected, I’m able to grasp how challenging their job is and how challenging it is to be a leader.

So while I’m not always happy or in agreement with their choices or stances I am thankful for their willingness to give the role of president the best effort they can.  It’s not easy to run my small business always, I have decisions to make on a daily basis, clients to try to keep happy, complications to deal with, not to mention the unexpected like weather and health issues.  So if I have as many challenges as I do in my life, I can only imagine how many challenges the president faces.

Being a leader is both an opportunity and a challenge.  We’re all called to do the best we can with our lives, whether we’re running the country or just trying to finish our schooling.  We each deal with challenges in different ways and there isn’t always a right and wrong with regards to how to deal with them.  So while you may approach a relationship challenge one way, I may approach it differently and neither of us would be necessarily wrong or make a huge mistake with our decision.  We’re just doing things differently.

So while I do encourage you to get involved and share your opinion in the political arena through petitions, donations and other means of support, I also strongly encourage you to let your elected officials know that you do appreciate their efforts and hope they’ll continue to look out for the country in the best way that they can.

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