More Than Love

Almost a week has passed since Valentine’s Day and the stores are almost done clearance selling their leftover pink and red goods.  It got me thinking about the fact that Valentine’s Day isn’t every day.  What do I mean? Well, Valentine’s Day is held out to be this amazing, unique, special experience and day where relationships are given lot of attention and love is supposed to be everywhere.  It’s a day with a lot of buildup and press, and life just doesn’t get lived like that.  So when the day is over and life resumes it can be a let down.

I believe that love is super important for our relationships and in our families.  It’s something that should be shared and built on a regular basis.  It shouldn’t be ignored or bypassed because life gets in the way.  Love doesn’t fix everything but it can help hold things together when things go wrong and challenges come up.

Because love isn’t everything and isn’t the cure-all some people would like it to be (myself included), there’s a reason that Valentine’s Day is only once a year even though love is something that should be supported and part of your life year-round.  Life exists beyond and around love.  Love goes a long way but love won’t call for table reservations, love won’t stay up late working on that science project, love won’t go to a job you don’t love so that food gets on the table, you have to do that, and life continues even if the love isn’t there at the moment.

So while you should pursue love in all areas of your life, don’t worry if every moment doesn’t feel like a Valentine’s Day or that you’re in between loves right now.  Appreciate all of life for all it’s amazing gifts and opportunities.

“Love is the most important thing in the world, but baseball is pretty good too.”   Author unknown, attributed to an 8-year-old named Greg


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