Thankful for Teamwork

This month one of the topics we’ve been reflecting on is love. It’s a topic that is usually challenging for us, but often presents such great opportunities that the challenges are worth it. This past weekend I reflected on the teamwork in our world. You can say our world is all about technology and being independent but such a large portion is really about teamwork. Without teamwork we wouldn’t have cell phones, or the internet to connect to or the ability to call another country, or sites that allow us to buy from other people in other countries easily, or have cars to drive or buses to ride. Just about everywhere you look there’s some form of teamwork happening. We just take it for granted most of the time or don’t see it for the teamwork it really is.

Teamwork can be a one-time thing, but often it is something that is so seamless and continuous that we forget it’s teamwork, especially if it’s not a team we’re involved in. Sometimes teamwork works and other times it fails.  Two of the keys to successful teamwork are communication and transparency. The teamwork won’t be teamwork and won’t be successful if all parties don’t know their part to play. Often as well the teamwork will be less than successful if there isn’t transparency and people don’t understand how their small part fits in with the whole or the overall goal. Knowing this can be the difference between a truly successful teamwork venture and one that is mildly or partially successful.

What team are you most thankful for in your life? The one that cares for and educates your kids? The ones that you or your partner work for that helps put food on the table? The one that keeps you connected with family scattered around the globe? Take time today to appreciate the teamwork that is in your life and work on realigning the teamwork that has broken down.

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”  Henry Ford


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