Thankful for Love

We’re at the end of another month and as I look forward I can’t help but look back. No worries, there are no repercussions from looking back in this case. I’m looking back because this month we took a look at the topic of love. This month has had challenges and stresses I’ve imagined but never experienced before, some that will bring good things and others that are just another bump in this road called life. As we wrap up this month I realized I didn’t take time to reflect on love on a Monday yet. So here we go.

I am and have always been thankful for love. I’ve seen the ability of love to keep people together for decades. I’ve seen the power of love bless people in the few months they have together before sickness leads to death. I’ve seen love bring people who are very different together in unity and happiness. And I’ve seen healing love conquer and overcome all. Love as I’ve experienced it brings joy, hope, encouragement, courage and connection. It gives me a reason to get up in the morning and get the work done so I can support those I love. It gives me hope for a better tomorrow for the whole world.

Love is as important, influential and as invaluable as we let it be. We can live without it, but all I’ve seen and experienced shows me that life is better with love than without it. So as we move out of this month I encourage you to stop making excuses and stop limiting yourself and start finding things to be thankful for about love. Start appreciating the love you have and the love you see around you.

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