Are You Thankful for Imperfections?

Over the past few months I’ve been contemplating the topic of imperfections.  No, not the topic of being perfect, but that of not being perfect.  Perfection is something that frustrates most people, as we never make it there.  Even when something is “perfect,” someone else can come up with something they would do differently with what you’ve done, or something they think is “wrong” with what you’ve done.  So I tend to leave the topic and goal of perfection alone. Which leads us to the conclusion that everything is really imperfect.

If that’s the case how should we live our lives? Should we continue to strive to do and be the best we possibly can?  Should we just give up and let everything go to pot because we’ll never get to perfection? Or is there a way we can use imperfections to our benefit and give them a place in our lives?  If we can’t avoid the imperfections, and I don’t think we can, it’s about time we started learning how to work with them in our lives.

There is value in seeing what is less than perfect, it creates an opportunity for growth and renewal, new connections, and even to know when to let something go or stop pursuing it.  But one of the best things about imperfections is that they give you the opportunity to get creative and put your stamp on things.  We’re all unique people with our own personal preferences, why can’t we adopt that attitude towards the rest of our lives?

So this week as you live your life and are faced with the imperfections in the people you meet and the world around you, instead of bemoaning the fact that the world isn’t perfect and trying to make it perfect, instead tap into the beauty and power of imperfections and be inspired to create and build a world around you that is as unique and special as you.


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