Thankful for Holidays

This week I’ll be sharing Irish blessings and sayings in honor of St. Patrick’s Day as part of our inspiration and lessons. As we head to yet another holiday I’m reminded of some of the miserable people of the world who think there are entirely too many holidays and too much commercialism of life. Yes, there are tons of holidays, both large and small, you could celebrate on a daily, monthly and yearly basis (this website shares tons), but as I got to thinking about yet another holiday this week I thought about the ‘why’ of having so many holidays.

Why have so many holidays anyway? A holiday is simply a reason to celebrate something. Given the number of miserable and unhappy people in the world I’d say that’s something we all need more of. But just because there’s a holiday, it doesn’t mean you have to spend money on the tchotchkes and trappings that make that holiday trendy. While we all have our lives to celebrate and be thankful for each day, often that’s not enough to make us feel thankful or alive, even though life is a really great gift in and of itself.  If there’s something specific to celebrate it makes it easier for us to celebrate and be thankful for.

So what are you celebrating today? Are you celebrating the luck that’s been in your life of late? Are you celebrating the relationship that’s finally blossoming? Are you celebrating another day to drink with friends and celebrate your heritage? Are you celebrating the coworker who came through with the project? What are you celebrating today?

“May you have length with your days,
and strength with your step,
and may each season have a reason
to celebrate your faith in mankind!”

Irish proverb

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