Wishes of Success

Tomorrow in the USA we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. You’ve probably seen lots of businesses hopping onto the marketing opportunity with green, leprechauns and clovers everywhere. This week I’ve been and will continue to share some wisdom from the Irish, and I’ve got one today for us with regards to our businesses as well.

“There are only two kinds of people in the world, The Irish
And those who wish they were.”

This quote brings up lots of different thoughts, but the first and most obvious is about the jealousy and longing that we experience when we look at others who are, based on what we see, very successful when we feel we’re just getting by. It is good to desire the success they have, it helps to motivate us to do the work necessary to get to the next level of our own success. What we don’t always see though is the challenges they face in that success. It’s a huge responsibility to be that successful. You’ve got money to deal with that you’ve never had in the past, you’ve got people depending on you more than ever, not to mention the responsibility to help those less fortunate in the world and make the world a better place. Beyond that, what got them to their success may not get us to our own. Everyone’s success journey is different and while we can learn from their journey, it’s very rare to be able to completely replicate the journey successfully for your business.

So if success is really what you want, stop looking longingly at the other people and businesses and start doing what it will take to achieve the level of success you desire. Make a plan, hire a coach, spend time networking and reaching out to potential connections and customers. On the journey you may discover what you actually want is different than what you thought you were working towards, and that’s OK. But you won’t know if you can achieve the success you dream about or if there’s something else you’re really dreaming about until you start down that path.

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