Is Your Business Just a Fad?

This past week I’ve been thinking about two things: that which lasts and that which is only a fad. So I thought today we’d take some time to look at a couple of concepts and topics that relate to this debate and what we can learn from the successes and failures.

Fad: Daily Deal Sites
I read another article this past week saying how the daily deal site concept continues to decline.  Fewer and fewer people are taking advantage of the plethora of deals that companies are pushing.  Is that because they don’t want the deals anymore? Probably not, because we’re still buying many of the products and services that are listed on daily deal sites, and people still love getting a great deal on things that they want and need.  But people’s buying habits and interest in the daily deal concept have changed.

Lasts: Value
One of the biggest questions people ask when they look at your business offering is “what’s in it for me?”  People want to know what they’re getting from you if they subscribe, buy, like, read, attend or otherwise interact with you.  Are you offering what everyone else is offering (i.e. a perfectly good cup of coffee) or are you offering something that people can’t get too many other places?  Is your value clearly displayed and obvious to anyone who connects with you or do they have to take time to figure it out themselves?

Fad: Viral
The concept of viral is great: if everyone could know about us we’d all be famous, or have all the money we ever wanted or everyone would solve their problems or everyone would be happy or whatever your dream is about going viral.  However, all too often ‘viral’ translates to one hit wonder.  Beyond that, viral isn’t sustainable. You can’t stay at the top, we all have to come down at some point in time.  Being a one hit wonder doesn’t translate to years of income and consistent earnings and opportunities, typically just those that follow the viral episode, and are almost never equal to what could be achieved over time with a little patience.

Lasts: Leadership
The world is desperately in need of good leadership. From the visible people like presidents and world leaders to those who are making a difference in small communities around the world there’s always a need for good leadership, for people who will stand up for what’s right and those who are in need.  We need people who will encourage positive and empowering changes and lead the way to making them reality.

Is your business hiding behind fads when it should be focusing on that which lasts?

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