Business on Purpose

Today we’re going to take a look at 3 aspects to the purpose of a business, since we’ve been talking about purpose this month. If you’re running your own business I know there’s a lot that goes on that you’re trying to keep all things moving and it becomes very challenging. So to trying to keep the concept of purpose alive and well is often a challenge that you don’t think you have time for. But more often than not it’s the businesses that remember their purpose and share it with their customers and potential customers who make a lasting, positive impression.

You’re in business for the purpose of helping people: That’s the really general perspective on purpose. Each and every business is in existence to help people in one way or another. How we help people can be different, and the people we help can be different as well. Some businesses offer the same type of thing, for example creating websites, but one company may make websites for realtors and another websites for companies in developing nations. But regardless of what you offer you’re in the business of helping people, that is your purpose for being in business.

The purpose of a business is to make money: If you’re not making money on what you’re doing it’s not a business, it’s a hobby. Even if you’re a non-profit the funds have to come from somewhere, whether you take donations or have investors, there has to be money involved, because even if you offer your services for free you still have to have the money to get the products/services you offer or pay your salary and that of those who work for/with you. No, you may not always break even (although you should!), but money should be flowing in and out of your business.

The purpose of the business should be personal to you: I believe that each and every business should mean something to the person or people who start it. I don’t see a point in starting a vet business if you hate dogs. I don’t see the point in selling software for business building if you have no interest in business. Yes, there are some really great opportunities out there in which you could make lots of money; doctors or plumbers for example. But that’s not for everyone (I can put on a band-aid but that’s about it and I go nowhere near pipes). You don’t have to do everything and if you’re truly passionate about what you do you’ll have a much better chance of being successful.

So what’s the purpose behind your business? Are you helping people? Do people know what the purpose and passion is behind your business? Are you still excited by the business you’re in or have your interests changed and it’s time to move on to the next part of your journey?

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