Support For Success

This week we honor the administrative assistants of the world. Today I want to take some time to share a few thoughts about them and a few resources too.

First let’s talk about why you need one.  Most small business owners are doing entirely too much on their own.  They aren’t making the best use of their time, are not getting the clients they should be and can’t properly care for the clients they do have because they’re so over-committed.  There are tons of sites out there that can help you get connected with the help you need to run your business better, whether it’s a babysitter, massage therapist, marketer or administrative assistant/secretary.

Second, just because they’re your support staff doesn’t mean they should be treated with no respect.  They are human, they have feelings and it wouldn’t kill you to give them a compliment every so often.  Try your hardest to fully communicate all instructions to them, don’t expect them to read your mind or just “know.” Good communication will reduce the errors, frustrations and redos that have to happen.

Finally, there’s no shame in asking for help.  But if you can’t let go and really let them do their job and empower them to do a good job it will backfire on you.  You will waste time and money on them.  Yes, there will be some trial and error initially, to finding the right people to work with, but the biggest and most important step is to ask for the help regardless of your fears and concerns.

If you’re looking for some help here are some sites to check out:






99 designs

College Recruiter

Simply Hired

What are your recommendations about hiring assistants?


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