Reasons for Relationships

As we finish off the blog month today I wanted to take time to talk about relationships and purpose. I believe that relationships (of all kinds, not just romantic) exist for many reasons, some are good reasons and others are not so good reasons. But I do believe that all relationships have a reason for existing. Some relationships exist because one person has chosen to pick on or bully another, some relationships exist because two or more people have come together in support of a mutual goal or cause, some relationships exist because people have been put in proximity with each other, some relationships exist because kids have been created, and some relationships exist because two people have fallen in love.

The relationship we’re talking about today of course is one of romantic reasons. There was a reason that you two came together. That reason may not be something you are both in agreement with today, but there had to be a reason that you partnered up in the first place. To get back the passion and life in your relationship it may be as simple as refocusing on the reason(s) you started the relationship in the first place.

Each of us have a purpose in a relationship as well, a job if you will. You’re not in the relationship just for what the other person can give you, otherwise it’s not a true partnership. If you’re not living up to your purpose in the relationship, the relationship can’t last, or it will be a very unhealthy one if it does, one with lots of jealousy, anger, frustration and avoidance. What reason do you have for being in your current relationship? Are they reasons that you’re proud of and can sustain the relationship, or are they not applicable anymore or are they of selfish intent? If you want your relationship to last it’s time to take a look at the reason behind it, the reasons that keep it alive and the reasons you’re in it and what you’re contributing to it.

What are your reasons for being in your romantic relationship?

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