Thanks and Respect

I want to begin this new month with thoughts from the Dalai Lama:

“When you practice gratefulness, there is a sense of respect toward others.”

This is one of the greatest challenges and downfalls that have happened in our society.  Somehow we’ve lost our respect towards others, and towards ourselves.  We’ve stopped feeling, stopped thinking and stopped living.  We’ve become robots controlled by our technological devices and desires for more.  We’ve stopped being thankful and stopped seeing those in our lives as they truly are.  But we have a very simple tool we can use to change this: we can be more grateful.  When we take time to be grateful for something it means we’ve recognized something or someone in our lives.  It means we’ve recognized that we’re not alone and that we’ve got others around us who can help.  And when we all come together amazing things can happen.

You’ve heard the stories about strangers who donated kidneys and other body parts to people, you’ve heard about large mysterious donations to charities, and you’ve heard about the many different scientific cures that have been reached over the years.  Maybe these things haven’t impacted you personally, but other things have and other people have.  The people who impact you most often are those closest to you: your coworkers, family and friends.  They’re also the people you have the greatest impact on.

With this new month the commitment I would suggest for each of us would be to be more thankful and respectful for and of others. This is a commitment that doesn’t require changes to diet, more exercise or big financial changes.  All it requires is taking time to be grateful more often.


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