Being a Mom in 2016

Sunday is Mother’s Day.  I hope you’ve gone out and gotten your mom or the mom figure in your life something special or plan to take them out to eat or will at least call them and let them know you’re thankful for them.  Of all the life rolls we could have (mother/father, politician, teacher, business owner etc.) the role of mom has gone through the biggest transformation over the centuries and yet has still remained the same.  Since science has not yet progressed to be able to change this (for right or wrong) moms are still the way that we all enter the world.  Whether we use a surrogate, adopt or have kids ourselves, the only way that kids come into the world is through a mom.

But, being a mom today is finally catching up with what it has been to be a dad for centuries.  Now moms get jobs and take care of their kids, just like dads have always done, they don’t just have the role of having and raising kids.  I would say that for the most part moms are doing a fantastic job of finding the balance, probably because they learn so many applicable skills from being a mom that they can apply.  It should be said though that it’s not a bad thing to just stay home with your kids, the world needs women who are able to give their all to their kids.

If you’re a mom don’t be afraid to ask for help.  It used to be that we had a village around us, now we’re working more on being islands, but there’s no reason for that. The world is filled with more people than ever, people who have knowledge and skills that you can benefit from and pass on to your kids as well (not to mention dads who can help and learn too).  Choose to do what’s best for you and your kids this Mother’s Day, regardless of what society may tell you to do.


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