Sacrifice and Love

Today I’m again thankful for love.  We recently celebrated Mother’s Day and Father’s Day is a little over a month away.  There’s nothing like a parent’s love! For a mom to carry their child for 9 months even if they choose to give it up to adoption is a huge sacrifice because it’s not easy to be pregnant.  So regardless of the reasons that they choose to give up or keep the child or children in one way or another they must love them if they chose to go through with the pregnancy.

We can learn a lot from moms and dads who really love their children.  One of the biggest things we can learn from them is that a big part of love is about sacrifice.  Maybe it’s just the sacrifice of 9 months.  Maybe it’s the sacrifice of taking a few years off from work to raise your kids through their earliest years.  Maybe it’s the sacrifice of putting money aside for their college fund.   Maybe it’s the sacrifice of attending really bad school concerts or sports events in the cold.  Each parent who truly loves their kid sacrifices for them.

What are you making sacrifices for in your life in the name of love?  Are you sacrificing extra hours or money to work a job you really love?  Are you spending your free time at the gym to work on your preferred race sport?  Are you sacrificing your money for your love of traveling the world?  What are you most passionate about and how much are you sacrificing for it?  Love is worth sacrificing for, but make sure that what you’re sacrificing is worth sacrificing for on the level that you are.


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