Creativity and Teamwork

I’ve been thinking a lot about creativity over the past few days.  Are you a creative person? I’ve been thinking about creative ways to get through some interesting situations and creative solutions I can come up with for challenges I’m facing.  What I’ve been coming up with is a cold though, which has meant sleep and not much creative thinking or creative action.  It’s interesting when life makes you take a few steps back, I know it’s good to take a break sometimes, but I can’t say I enjoyed having no energy and no passion, creative or otherwise other than for tissues and pillows.

What I’ve been reminded through the past few days is how important teamwork is, even and especially in creativity.  A big part of creativity is coming up with new ideas and seeing things in new ways, and more often than not the creative ideas you come up with will be inspired by something you saw that someone else did or said.  Are you open to hearing the ideas that other people come up with or are you limiting yourself to only what you can think up or do?

The truly creative are willing to take input from others, enjoy listening to reactions even if people come up with conclusions that are not related to the truth about how something was created or why, are willing to try new things, and don’t give up when they hear “no”.  I’m thankful for the opportunity to interact with the creative community, to see how other people see the world and hear their opinions.  Even if I don’t agree with all people’s opinions or appreciate their style of creativity, doesn’t mean I won’t respect their desire and ability to create.  What has inspired you lately and what are you creating?

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