Having A Productive Summer

Summer is officially here. I know as business owners it may be tempting to take off, especially if summer isn’t your busy season. If you can take a break you should, but that doesn’t mean you can let your business totally stop for the next few months, there are still things that need to be done, and should be done especially since you’ve got free time that you don’t always have. So if this is your slower season here are some some suggestions to help you get through it and feel good about it.

1-schedule time for work and rest each day if your typical habit is to work daily. Otherwise try to take off an extra day and work the others as usual. Scheduling your work and play time means you’ve set aside time to work, and still can take the break to recharge.

2-make the upgrades, changes and adjustments you’ve been talking about. If you don’t have a list of things, start talking with clients and employees or get an outside perspective on what you could improve.

3-take time to learn. Your knowledge (and that of your team) greatly impacts your success. If you want to be more successful when you get off the summer break, now is the perfect time to read some books, attend some lectures or take some courses or all of the above and educate yourself and a team if you have one.

4-if you have employees give them time off. Lots of people like to take vacations during the summer, and your employees are no exception. But rather than worry about being short for employees, do some creative rescheduling. Choose a day to close the business, or have limited services available. Adjust your open hours to take advantage of those enjoying the late nights and warmer weather. Get inspired by international communities your customers may travel to or be from and opt to close midday for a few hours for a siesta or other break. Partner with other businesses to combine resources and increase success during times that you both may not get as many customers or have as many employees. The options are endless to giving your employees (and yourself) the time off they want this summer, without settling on the traditional “summer Fridays” if that’s not something you want to do.

What will you do in your business this summer?

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