Faith For Life

Welcome to July! I’m looking forward to what this month will bring, I know it will be an exciting one! This month the topic we’ll be talking about is one that we’re challenged on regularly: faith. Whether you are a religious person or not (and regardless of which religion/faith/belief system you may follow) faith is more than a religious/faith topic, it’s a human one. Faith is defined as “confidence or trust in a person or thing,” and “a belief that is not based on proof,” Those are the primary definitions of it. Yes, there are other definitions (or thoughts that follow those definitions), especially related to spirituality and religion, but while those two definitions can be used in a spiritual way, they most definitely don’t have to be.

Faith ultimately is a way of living.  You can choose to live your life in doubt of everyone around you and of the world at large.  You can choose to question everything that goes on around you and the people you meet.  You can choose to trust no one but yourself and anyone who manages to make it through your rigorous and extreme line of questions and hurdles.  People live that way, yes I’ve met them.  Some people have more doubt and distrust than others for good reasons (they’ve been really hurt in the past).  Others choose to live that way for some other reason (they get kicks out of it or something equally crazy).

But there are others who choose to live life in faith.  Choose to see life as full of potential, see people as those who have failed or made mistakes in the past (and probably will in the future) but are still worthy of love and have incredible value, and see the world as a place of hope and opportunity, not something going to ruin.  Do you have faith in yourself? In your kids? In your partner? In your family (blood or chosen)?  In your friends? Do you have some bits of faith in the people in the world at large that deep down most of them want the best for everyone else?  Do you have faith that it will all work out in the way it is supposed to; in a way that will bless others?

What do you have faith in?

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