4 Keys to Exponential Growth

This past week I read a great article by Brian Dodd on some things that a church leader has done to exponentially grow his church. As I was reading the article I was again reminded of the similarities between church and business leaders.  Today I want to share 4 insights, things that as the leader you need to provide or show to really grow your business successfully and create a lasting business.

Do you really know what you’re talking about?  Do your employees really know what they’re talking about? Or is everyone just trying to make a buck and hoping everything is self explanatory?  If there are only a handful of you involved in day to day operations you should all be knowledgeable about just about every aspect of the business.  Maybe you don’t know all the details but you should all know enough to be able to answer the majority of questions that customers would have.

Stable And Consistent Leadership
High turnover can display several bad indications about your business.  So if you’re able to present leadership that remains with the business for years it is a sign of health within the business as well as a strong, positive statement about what type of company you are, what you sell and what the company stands for.

Love Your People
Do you really love what you do? Do your employees and other leaders really enjoy what they do?  Do you all really enjoy supporting your customers?  Customers, and even potential customers, have pretty good BS meters these days.  They are good at figuring out which companies really care about what they do and the people they support.  While indifference towards your customers isn’t necessarily a reason people won’t choose you, people will be more likely to refer you if they feel appreciated and supported, and maybe even loved, by you and your team.

I know this may sound like one that only applies to churches, but it’s not.  I have yet to meet a perfect company and there are stories in the news each week about companies, and leaders, who screw up.  I’ve also met people who aren’t great customers and yet sometimes they’re worth the effort.  Everyone screws up once in a while, and I haven’t met too many people or companies that don’t deserve a second chance.

Are these 4 qualities something you apply in your business?  What ones do you need to work most on?

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