4 Tips for Increased Productivity

Recently we’ve been talking about the topic of being productive during the summer months in your business. I hope you’ve been able to follow through on at least some of those thoughts. Today I wanted to talk about in-the-minute productivity and what you can do to stay motivated through the days that you would rather be out playing with the kids, and how to do your best work for your customers all the time, not just during the summer.

Food and Drink: this is not only a popular break activity, but one that’s necessary for keeping you productive. I can testify that if I forget to eat (or don’t have time to), or don’t drink enough during the day (water, tea, coffee etc. not sodas and alcohol), it can be hard to stay focused as the day drags on and as it draws to a close. Make sure to eat healthy foods though, not just vending machine snacks. There are tons of things you can prepare in 10 minutes or less that are much healthier for you and still enjoyable.

Exercise: many businesses are taking to including workout locations at their place of business or sponsoring memberships for their employees to join local gyms. This is great and it helps employees stay healthier and look and feel better. But what I’m talking about is as simple as a 10 minute walk around, in or near your business. Maybe it means walking through the different departments checking in with people. Maybe it’s an outdoor walk during which you take the time to call your partner and/or kids and check in. Maybe it’s just a walk to and around the kitchen to get a snack and make a cup of something to drink to take a break from the no-so-healthy snacks or water you keep at your desk.

Emails and Social Media: I know, this is something that trips many people up when it comes to productivity. So, rather than seeing it as a challenge, see it as an opportunity. When that afternoon slump hits you, rather than trying to get through the challenging stuff and important projects, take time to read your email, peruse related business publications and sites and check in on the business related social media stuff. It all has to get done, so set aside time that you’re not able to be as productive and conquer it then.

Sleep: This one can get tricky, because sometimes a 10 minute nap turns into a lot more.  But sometimes what you really need isn’t food, exercise or a distraction, you need to catch up on your sleep.  Sleep is super important and if you’re getting too little or too much for your body you won’t function at optimal productivity.  So take a quick nap, or pack it in early so you can get a full night’s sleep.

What do you do to stay productive?

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