Getting Support

This week I’ve been thinking about the topic of community.  We’re all in different communities, we’ve got our friend communities, family community, work communities, online communities, and the communities we live in.  One of the most important communities we can be part of is one of support.  Sometimes that means professional counselors/pastors/coaches/leaders, other times it’s just family, friends and coworkers.  As someone who offers coaching services you might think it obvious that I believe in getting professional help, and that I have to say stuff like that.  But my business has very little to do with why I believe that sometimes the best thing you can do is talk with a professional.

Let’s back up though to the topic of support.  I believe we all need support in our lives.  First and foremost there’s no reason to go through life alone, but beyond that, other people have so many experiences and so much knowledge that we don’t individually have that it makes sense to share what we know with each other.  The internet has greatly helped with the concept of support with all the blogs and social networks we can share through and find support in.  But it’s not just about being alone, it’s about getting help if (when) you need help.  For many years (centuries maybe even) it was seen as shameful or wrong if you couldn’t manage your own stuff on your own.  Yes, we should take an active roll in our lives, but that doesn’t mean we can’t ask for help when we need it.

There is nothing wrong with saying you don’t know things, asking for help from a qualified professional, letting someone else do what they excel in so you can do what you excel in, getting advice from someone who has been through what you’re going through or knows about what you’re trying to create, or getting support in navigating through changes in your life.  Sometimes it’s OK to talk with family or friends, but talking with a professional can be the right choice if you want an unbiased opinion, want to talk with someone who you won’t have to interact with in the future on a regular basis, don’t feel comfortable being so open and honest with those who know you best, don’t want to be judged by friends or family or don’t know anyone who can help you with what you’re going through.   Whether you’re struggling through things or in need of some wisdom on next steps in your life, don’t put off your future any longer because you’re stuck or uncertain.  Be proactive about your life and choices and get the help you need.

“Consider counseling. It’s not a weakness to find someone who can help you process.”  Tim Stevens

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