Health and the Big Picture

This month we’ll be talking about an important topic: health.  As I was thinking about what to write today I was reminded about a bunch of things that apply that I wanted to start our month off talking about.  There are tons of things to talk about when it comes to health, there are businesses that talk about nothing but health, and even specific aspects about health, and it can be easy to get overwhelmed, especially when people start throwing around jargon and technical (medical) terms.  It can be frustrating when we don’t understand what is happening in our bodies or in our kids’ bodies and why.  Medicine has made some great strides over the past few years, but we still have a ways to go with many aspects, especially when it comes to some of our most vulnerable and unable to help us understand like kids with developmental disabilities and adults with Alzheimers.

Health is made up of many things including things that are mental, physical, social and emotional.  Our health is determined in part by our actions, part by genetics and some from our environment, all of which we have some control over.  If we want to live long enough to enjoy our lives and that of future generations we have to give some attention to our health and doing what we can to staying healthy and improving our health.

Today I was reminded that our health is made up of little parts that make up the big picture, and we have to remember that both exist.  If you’re so focused on your nutrition for example you may forget that there’s more to life than what you eat, which brings us to the topic that some people believe is a myth: balance.  I believe in balance, but not in the “let’s be perfect” way.  Balance isn’t about making sure that everything is equal, but that you’re not doing something to the detriment of the other parts of your life.  Focusing just on your kids’ grades without encouraging any physical or social activity isn’t healthy.  Working 48 hours a day 14 days a week isn’t healthy.  When you can’t remember what your partner likes because the only time you’re with them is when you’re both sleeping, it’s not healthy.  So as we head into this new month I encourage you to take time to look at your life and see what you’re doing that is and isn’t healthy that you should work on improving.

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